Aug. 18, 2022

Ana Bibikova on how Introverts can be perfect sales people, experiencing burnout, and being a digital nomad.

Ana Bibikova on how Introverts can be perfect sales people, experiencing burnout, and being a digital nomad.
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“Introverts can be perfect sales people and better marketers, but the problem is that we get overwhelmed when socializing, but not because we can’t read social queues. But that we read too much of them.” This is from my conversation with Ana Bibikova, startup consultant and aspiring founder.

If you’re on Twitter and in the startup community, chances are, you know Ana. But if you don’t, she’s an entrepreneur, digital nomad, and has captured the attention of other introverts. If you’re an introvert or just want to get a better understanding of how introverts think, then this is the episode for you. 

Show highlights:


-   0:15 – what life is like living in Cyprus

-   3:30 – experiencing burnout as a solo founder

-   7:25 – being a digital nomad

-   9:00 – an important truth about being an introvert

-   15:30 – bringing the aisan and Indian culture through food

-   18:30 – how we introverts read too much social queues

-   21:30 – using the advantages of being an introvert on Twitter

-   27:05 – instead of getting 10k followers, get little wins

-   32:00 – for introverts, if we’re pushed into something we don’t like doing, we start losing motivation really fast

- and more!



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