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Innovators Can Laugh is part business story 👔, interview, and comedy show 😃. Grab a margarita and join startup marketing geek and American expat Eric Melchor every week as he engages with entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators from Europe in a fun and casual way.


About Eric Melchor

Eric Melchor is the founder and host of Innovators Can Laugh podcast, with over 5,000 YouTube & TikTok views and 3,000 podcast downloads. His goal is to help raise awareness for European startups and give a platform for founders to share their entrepreneurial journey, struggles, and mission.


Along with his family, Eric moved to Bucharest, Romania in 2020. Not really knowing anyone but fascinated with the local startup scene, he decided to launch a podcast and build relationships with startup founders in the region. Since May 2021, Eric  has interviewed over 70 entrepreneurs from all over Europe. He is a former social entrepreneur having created a one-of-a-kind kids' fitness program - Fly Movement. He previously served as a Marketing and CX Director for publicly traded companies, has an MBA from Pace University, and was a Houston 40 under 40. He's also an investor in European startups.


Eric brings a very unique perspective because not only does he work at a startup but by being the first American to interview startup founders from all over Europe.




Audience Demographics - majority of podcast downloads stem from Europe

🎙️ Avg. Monthly downloads (podcast only) ~ 300-500

Europe ~ 70%

North America ~ 21%

📺 Avg. monthly YouTube video podcasts watched ~ 200



- 51-55% avg. open rate

- audience consists of former guests, Euro startups, VC firms, fans of the show

- subscribers 200+


Social Followers

LinkedIn - 6,250 (audience primarily founders and those working in startups)

Twitter - 1,600


Sponsorships / Work with me

Reach out at Eric (at) Innovatorscanlaugh.com