Listening to ICL is like exercising, meditating, and having sex all at the same time. (Okay, the show is not that bad). Innovators Can Laugh is part business story 👔, culture sharing, and comedy show 😃. Grab a margarita and join social entrepreneur and expat Eric Melchor every week as he engages with entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators from the Baltics and Eastern Europe in a fun and casual way.


About Eric Melchor

Eric Melchor is the host of the hilarious Innovators Can Laugh podcast. He's a Texan expat living in Bucharest, a mediocre tennis player, and marketing geek for tech startup Bonjoro.



Popular Interview Topics (if you'd like to interview me)

I believe in transparency, so there are no topics that I would consider to be off limits. That being said, here is a brief list of topics/areas of expertise that I am the most excited to discuss during interviews:

  • My adventurous background and how I decided to move to Romania (did I mention that I ran with the bulls in Spain and moved to NYC in my late 20s without a job?
  • Challenges I’ve faced (and still face) such as being laid off 3 different times unexpectedly in my career (once was the day after I purchased my first home)
  • My appreciation for hard work (my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a Nintendo game when I was a kid so took on my first job at the age of 14 making $3.50 an hour
  • Lessons learned from launching a one-of-a-kind kids health program (and failing at a few other businesses)
  • When Covid hit and both my kids (ages 6 months and 3 yrs) had to stay home, I know how to juggle both work, kids, and side hustles
  • What expat life is like and how to build relationships when living abroad. (from Houston, but currently living in Romania)
  • Tips and strategies for having a growth mindset, building confidence, and creating a life on your own terms


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About Eric Melchor


Here’s my bio, written in 3rd person – because that way, it doesn’t sound all conceited.


Eric Melchor, host of Innovators Can Laugh, has been a digital marketing professional for over a decade, investor, and nonprofit founder.


After working as a waiter while attending college, he graduated from UHD and began working at Continental Airlines for the flight benefits and traveled to exotic places on a very slim budget (he slept in airports and got by on cheap wine and baguettes). Then in his first “real” job, he helped the fabulous Vera Sheps of TwoShepsThatPass use non-traditional strategies to promote artists like Ru Paul while developing email and social media marketing skills.


Next he bought media for the legendary Greg March at digital boutique agency Performance Bridge until his friend Adam told him about his job as a digital marketing analyst. Eric asked, “what’s a digital marketing analyst?” and Adam explained that he got to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and help marketers decide where to allocate their marketing dollars. That sounded fascinating to Eric. So, he went to get that gig.


Eric went on to analyze broadcast media, PPC, online display, radio and even online conversion campaigns for clients including: Amgen, Toshiba, Pizza Hut, Neulasta, AT&T and more. During that time, he contributed to the DM News Guide to Search Engine Marketing, earned an MBA from Pace University, and took up amateur boxing. Eric’s boxing trainer once laughingly told him, “don’t quit your day job”.


In 2011 Eric returned to Texas and began working in retail energy. He led online acquisition efforts and digital strategy for brands like Direct Energy and Spark Energy.


In 2014, Eric used his entrepreneurial drive to create a beautiful one of a kind non-profit: Fly Movement. This innovative kids health program gives 3rd graders an opportunity to reach a fitness goal by using fitness trackers and friendly competition. From there, things sort of mushroomed into teaching as an adjunct marketing professor, speaking at AMA and Prospanica events, and making it a point to do something out of his comfort zone every year like biking the Colorado trail. (he cracked a rib on that adventure)


In 2020 Eric and his family moved to Romania and fully immersed himself into a partnership ambassador role with one of Australia's fastest growing startups - Bonjoro. When not working on Bonjoro, Eric likes spending time with his family, traveling, running & playing tennis, listening to podcasts, and interviewing innovative startup founders.


He speaks decent Spanish, has one dance move, and can rock a Blue Apron meal.