Listening to ICL is like exercising, meditating, and having sex all at the same time. (Okay, the show is not that bad). Innovators Can Laugh is part business story 👔, culture sharing, and comedy show 😃. Grab a margarita and join social entrepreneur and expat Eric Melchor every week as he engages with entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators from the Baltics and Eastern Europe in a fun and casual way.


About Eric Melchor

Eric Melchor is the host of the hilarious Innovators Can Laugh podcast. He's a Texan expat living in Bucharest, a mediocre tennis player, and marketing geek for tech startup Bonjoro.



Popular Interview Topics (if you'd like to interview me)

I believe in transparency, so there are no topics that I would consider to be off limits. That being said, here is a brief list of topics/areas of expertise that I am the most excited to discuss during interviews:

  • My adventurous background and how I decided to move to Romania (did I mention that I ran with the bulls in Spain and moved to NYC in my late 20s without a job?
  • Challenges I’ve faced (and still face) such as being laid off 3 different times unexpectedly in my career (once was the day after I purchased my first home)
  • My appreciation for hard work (my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a Nintendo game when I was a kid so took on my first job at the age of 14 making $3.50 an hour
  • Lessons learned from launching a one-of-a-kind kids health program (and failing at a few other businesses)
  • When Covid hit and both my kids (ages 6 months and 3 yrs) had to stay home, I know how to juggle both work, kids, and side hustles
  • What expat life is like and how to build relationships when living abroad. (from Houston, but currently living in Romania)
  • Tips and strategies for having a growth mindset, building confidence, and creating a life on your own terms


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