Innovators Can Laugh with Eric Melchor

Innovators Can Laugh with Eric Melchor

This is what a conversation with a startup should sound like. The most innovative entrepreneurs from Europe share their entrepreneurial journey in a fun and casual way. Hosted by Texas expat and Saas marketing geek, Eric Melchor. You can listen to new episodes every Thursday.

Recent Episodes

Croatia Startups - smart marketing for B2B companies with complex sales cycles

May 18, 2022

Andrei Zinkevich is a Pro when it comes to Full funnel marketing strategies for B2B companies. Andrei started his career as an Area Sales Manager for Kimberly Clark before switching to marketing and working as a CMO and B2B …

French Entrepreneurs

Brand design for your Startup in 5 minutes

May 11, 2022

Can you imagine receiving tons of referrals from people who never even bought from you? That’s right. 9 out of 10 people who recommend you, never even bought from you. How can this be? Well this is the life of Dagobert Renou…

French Entrepreneurs

$20,000 in 7 days, leaving a career as a Lawyer to launch a startup

May 4, 2022

Can you imagine walking away from a lucrative job that pays six figures right out of University, and launching a startup? Well, that’s what Arnaud Belinga did. After studying for 7 years to become a Tax Lawyer, he decided to…

Romanian Entrepreneurs

Finding early adopters, the main mistake most startups make and planning your social media content with Ovi Negrean

April 27, 2022

Hey ICL fans. Today we’re talking about finding your first early adopters and the common mistakes startups make when starting out with Ovi Negrean , founder of SocialBee . SocialBee is a platform that helps SMBs get more cus…

Guest: Ovi Negrean
Hungarian Startups

Top Startup in Europe for E-commerce: OptiMonk

April 20, 2022

Hey ICL fans. Today we’re talking about conversion optimization, specifically for Ecommerce brands with Csaba Zajdo . Csaba is the founder of OptiMonk , a top startup in Europe for E-commerce, and Shoprenter. Shoprenter is l…

Guest: Csaba Zajdó
Hungarian Startups

Engaging with Remote Fans through UGC with Tom Vecsernyes from Seyu

April 13, 2022

Hey ICL fans. Today we’re talking about user generated content and what you should do if you are launching an entirely new product or service into the market. There’s an exciting new technology called Seyu that allows sports…

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