Innovators Can Laugh with Eric Melchor

Innovators Can Laugh with Eric Melchor

Innovators Can Laugh is for anyone who is interested in Startups from the European Tech Scene. Unlike ordinary entrepreneurial related podcasts, Eric Melchor is the only American host who interviews fresh faces of European entrepreneurship and innovation. The cultural aspect is unique (along with the guests’ accents) but the content around building a startup is universally viable. The podcast consist of a fun and casual interview style discussions with visionary leaders and founders from Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, France, and other European countries. You can listen to new episodes every Thursday.

Recent Episodes

Marc Schillinger: Digitalizing Account Receivables

Sept. 29, 2022

Remember when those guys who had slicked back hair and carried a bat paid you a visit about a debt you owed? You know debt collectors. Well times have changed and March Schillinger, founder of eCollect is transforming the wa…

Bulgarian Startups Boryana Levterova

From Boston Consulting Group to Creating Bulgaria’s First Kids’ Subscription Service

Sept. 22, 2022

I chatted with Boryana Levterova, co-founder of Infinity Toy Box. Infinity Toy Box is the first subscription service for kids where you can rent games, toys, and books. Prior to launching her startup, Boryana was working as …

French Startups

Combining financial services, data-driven insights, and travel APIs to help people afford global travel with Alejandra Fernandez

Sept. 15, 2022

I chatted with French startup founder Alejandra Fernandez of Flywallet. Flywallet is an all-in-one digital wallet and flight aggregation tool that makes it easy for users to save monthly for future travel. But the platform d…

Bulgarian Startups

Powering the AI Industry with Humans in the Loop Workforce with Iva Gumnishka

Sept. 8, 2022

I knew very little about the field of AI data annotation until I chatted with Iva Gumnishka, co-founder of Humans in the Loop. Humans in the loop is a social enterprise that provides ethical human in the loop workforce solut…

Guest: Iva Gumnishka
French Startups

On a Mission To Be The Global Leader in the Refurbished Market for Tech Products with Reynold Simonnet

Sept. 1, 2022

Imagine you’re in England and walk into a vegan restaurant. While looking at the menu, you notice that each dish shows its carbon footprint. You’re thinking about ordering a hamburger, but see that the beef burger’s carbon e…

French Startups

How Branding and Design Can Create a Deep Emotional Connection with Lucie Baratte.

Aug. 25, 2022

Can branding and design create a deep emotional connection with an audience? Well according to Lucie Baratte, designer and co-founder of Logology, the answer is yes. Logology is a website where in 10 minutes, you can get a l…

Guest: Lucie Baratte

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