Jan. 26, 2022

The smart, wireless, GPS-powered alarm system

The smart, wireless, GPS-powered alarm system

Andrius bruno Rimkunas is co-founder of Monimoto  - an affordable, easy-to-use, reliable, smart GPS tracker with a year’s battery-life that cleverly alerts your phone if your motorcycle is moved. 

In this show we dive into Andrius' many entrepreneurial ventures, including his roles at the Lithuanian state television and radio, selling cars in Ukraine, being head of digital, and starting two businesses. Andrius describes himself as "a bit of a crazy person" as he's always finding ways to earn money. This trait has helped him as he's faced tremendous obstacles launching ventures that didn't turn out the way quite as expected. Definitely one of the most resilient entrepreneurs I've ever chatted with on the show!

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Episode Highlights:

2:05 – type of food Andrius doesn’t like
4:20 – an event that Andrius would love to see one day
5:25 – a movie that Andrius can watch again and again
6:03 – does pineapple belong on pizza
7:00 – Andrius’ early career – some skills that helped him become a better entrepreneur
12:30 – his experience being a DJ at a Lithuanian radio
15:40 – “I know I’m a bit crazy person”
18:00 – entrepreneurial pursuits that didn’t turn out as expected
21:00 – clear lesson learned about building products based on other people’s hardware
23:30 – how Andrius got through the toughest time of his life as an entrepreneur
27:00 – what people get excited about when they first hear about Monimoto
29:00 – markets Monimoto is in
32:30 – expected growth and revenue
33:10 – book recommendations



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Andrius bruno Rimkunas

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