March 9, 2022

Making Tech a basic skill along with reading, writing and math

The tech industry is heavily saturated by men, but that doesn’t matter to Monika Katkute, founder and CEO at Teachers Lead Tech. In the beginning Monika had created a successful and highly sought-after kids after school club. But she knew that in order to scale the club, it wasn’t more bodies needed, but technology.
Rewarded with a grant from Google, she’s built a system that empowers teachers to help build their skills and teach tech to primary schools aged children in Lithuania and abroad. Join me as I chat with the wonderful Monika Katkute and have some laughs as we discover what silly thing makes her cry, the biggest obstacle she had to overcome when launching Teachers Lead Tech and more.

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2:35 – about Monika Katkute
4:08 – words a parent never says
4:50 – what Monika is stubborn about
7:00 – which business founder would Monika compliment?
8:45 – the silly thing that makes Monika cry

Play #InnovatorsCanLaugh with Eimantas Bekeza
10:40 – how would Eimantas propose?
12:13 – how many books has Eimantas read in the last 3 months?
12:50 – what is the most riskiest death defying act Eimantas has done?
14:40 – Monika’s amazing childhood
16:50 – following her passion for technology
18:38 – an Etsy for Baltic artisans
20:00- why Monika took the leap to create Teachers Lead Tech
24:35 – the group of people who are responsible for the education of our kids
26:50 – what people get excited about when they hear about Teachers Lead Tech
28:20 – number of teachers in program and markets launching into        
29:37 – big obstacle Monika had to overcome when launching Teachers Lead Tech