March 2, 2022

One of the ten Lithuanian-based startup to watch in 2022 – Memby

One of the ten Lithuanian-based startup to watch in 2022 – Memby
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Helping to make high quality education be accessible to virtually any student, despite their demographics or economic background, Eimantas Bekeza is on a mission. From Physics to Ecommerce to online learning, Eimantas is on an incredible journey. Join us as he shares the lessons he learned in the unsuccessful launch of his first business and what struggles he’s had to overcome since launching Memby. 


Show highlights:


  • 1:15 – about Eimantas (like Leonardo de Caprio from Catch me if you can)
  • 2:42 – does corn belong on pizza
  • 3:09 – how Eimantas proposed
  • 3:52 – how many books Eimantas has read in the past 3 months
  • 5:02 – the most riskiest and death defying act Eimantas has done

********Play Innovators Can Laugh with Dr. Gerda Jurkoniene ************


  • 7:26 – if you were writing a guide to wealth and happiness, what one tip would Dr. Gerda choose?
  • 9:11 – if Dr. Gerda would set her phone’s wallpaper to a picture of a celebrity, which celebrity would it be?
  • 11:33 – what is the most random or bizarre class Dr. Gerda has ever taken?

  • 13:28 – what Eimantas studied in University
  • 16:06 – What does Physics have to do with Ecommerce?
  • 17:50 – Eimantas first business and investment loss
  • 21:40 – when potential customers hear about Digiklas, what they get excited about
  • 22:40 – revenue forecast
  • 23:25 – Eimantas’ biggest struggles since launcing Digiklas
Eimantas BekezaProfile Photo

Eimantas Bekeza


Eimantas Bekeza is the CEO & Co-founder of Memby, an after-school learning platform that provides top-tier tutoring at a fraction of the cost of private tutors. Eimantas is also a “superstar tutor” himself having tutored since 8th grade and has turned his passion for teaching into an exciting startup.