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Viktorija Cijunskyte


2008-2009 first startup "TOGNU";
2010 Real estate agent career;
2011 Establishment of the real estate agency CITUS;
2016 Sale of real estate agency business;
2018 01 month Establishment of the asset management company Victory Funds;
2018 08 months Launch of the Profitus crowdfunding platform;
2020 – “Female executive of the year” Fintech awards, Lithuania;
2020 – “One of the 15 most influential women in the fintech sector in Europe” by the, backed by Financial Times;
2021 - Nominated for the CEE X-Tech Awards “TOP Tech Business Guide of the Year”.
2022 - Co-founder ot the association "Proptech Lithuania"

March 23, 2022

Creating the first real estate crowdfunding and investments platform …

Historically EU crowdfunding platforms lagged behind other regions in the world making it difficult for start-ups and other small…

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