March 23, 2022

Creating the first real estate crowdfunding and investments platform in Lithuania

Creating the first real estate crowdfunding and investments platform in Lithuania
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Historically EU crowdfunding platforms lagged behind other regions in the world making it difficult for start-ups and other small innovative companies to access initial seed funding. But that is going to change since a single set of rules will cover the whole EU. And to capitalize on this change in Lithuania and abroad is Viktorija Cijunskyte, founder and CEO of Profitus.
It wasn’t that long ago when Viktorija jumped into the real estate profession and placed flyers on doors looking to promote her services. While everyone said that wouldn’t work, it did and soon every other realtor began copying her. And when she had to do cold calls, something that would make her cry because she hated doing them, she would tape pictures of things she wanted to buy near her computer to give her motivation and make her continuously pick up her phone.
This is a fun conversation with a very talented and driven entrepreneur who went on to create her own real estate agency, turn partner in an investment firm, and now expanding her real estate investment platform. Did I mention she is also a kite surfer?

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Viktorija CijunskyteProfile Photo

Viktorija Cijunskyte


2008-2009 first startup "TOGNU";
2010 Real estate agent career;
2011 Establishment of the real estate agency CITUS;
2016 Sale of real estate agency business;
2018 01 month Establishment of the asset management company Victory Funds;
2018 08 months Launch of the Profitus crowdfunding platform;
2020 – “Female executive of the year” Fintech awards, Lithuania;
2020 – “One of the 15 most influential women in the fintech sector in Europe” by the, backed by Financial Times;
2021 - Nominated for the CEE X-Tech Awards “TOP Tech Business Guide of the Year”.
2022 - Co-founder ot the association "Proptech Lithuania"