Lukas Lukoševičius


+12 years experience in development of interactive applications for mobile devices (iOS, Android),pc, web etc. including large scale cloud based IT infrastructure, booking systems, integrations, games, trading, stock analytics platforms, hardware products.

I’m excited about places where humans work. Be it at home or in the office it’s how we spend most of our time. Also it’s an area with huge business and innovation potential. Together with other engineers and workplace specialists, we design unique and unforgettable product experiences. I love my work it lets me meet new people all over the world and work together on exciting projects where I can use my knowledge for a mutual goal.

Dec. 15, 2021

Lithuanian startup founder Lukas Lukosevicius is making workspaces sm…

Fun chat with Lukas Luko, founder of Table Air which is a smart workspace system for hybrid workspaces – think real-time monitori…

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