Dec. 15, 2021

Lithuanian startup founder Lukas Lukosevicius is making workspaces smarter with Table Air

Lithuanian startup founder Lukas Lukosevicius is making workspaces smarter with Table Air

Fun chat with Lukas Luko, founder of Table Air which is a smart workspace system for hybrid workspaces – think real-time monitoring of the office space availability.

Chat with Lukas Lukoševičius, founder of Table Air, as he discusses his excitement about places where humans work. Be it at home or in the office, it’s how we spend most of our time. Together with other engineers and workplace specialists, Table Air designs unique and unforgettable product experiences. 


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Innovators from Europe. Hi everyone,
Today, I am here with Lucas Luco, founder of Table Air, which is a smart work space system for hybrid work spaces. Think real time monitoring of the office space availability
Lucas thanks for joining us. How you doing today? I'm good. It's nice to be here Eric and thanks for enlightening me to talk about it.
Absolutely, before we get into the table, I like to, for the audience to get to know you
A little bit better. So, got a few questions for you. First, what is? What is a show or movie that you can watch again and again?
Is something I really enjoy and I watch it probably like 10 times already
And whenever you know you it's a nice nice entertaining movie
Yeah yeah can you give like an impression of me actor was in the box
He was actually Wilson one of the main guys that's strong as well right so it was such a two big difference roles one is you know your your
Acting as a hip hop old guy who just smokes me all day and I'm the other he was just like master of strong or something like that so
Super to go back there. However, I'm not so good with names. So, yeah.
The camera is named but what is this saying that he said all the time in the movie I know you know it dude like you know that's it yeah this this this will stand the
This aggression will not stand there so it's like a full of full of memorable songs.
Sound bites. Yeah, yeah, dude, man. That we said, dude, I mean, that was so classic. Okay, another question for you. What is a nutty or crazy thing that you have done
To either earn money or save money alright so back in my teenage year teenage years
I would get some money from my parents to go to our capital swan from the that was a little bit this more their town divisions.
And that would you that would be like a punk concert or something like that on the capital?
And my parents would give me some cash for the bus fare and so on and I would just take the money pitch hike cart the the sit down spend all the money and you know send the riches
So, so instead of using the money they gave you for the bus fair, you would hitchhike? Yeah.
That's pretty cool. I mean, is that a common thing? Sorry. Is that a common thing over there? On the way up?
Yeah. Well, it used to be, I mean, now, nowadays, I guess, nobody does it anymore especially on our first. So, because I've called it.
But back in my teenage years it was a pretty common thing especially between my friends. Yeah yeah I don't know if you ever seen something about Mary
Maybe I've got the title or I would care ideas I think and a guy you know been still there he gets in the car the hitchhiker but the hitch hiker the guy drive
The guy driving a car that picked him up got like a dead body in the trunk anyway it's just it's so memorable
I'm sure that probably never happened to you, right? No, fortunately enough. Okay, okay. And that last quirky question here, what is a past time or hobby
A jerk may tease you about. So, with this, the best
The best time that or hubby just like a hobby that that you do
And somebody may, you know, some asshole may say, they make fun of you for, for, for that. They may think it's a little strange. Well, I used to rule insects sticks. So,
Was insects for some time. It's
It's like basic with this insect stick that basically AA insect a bug that looks like a stick so I was growing it far I know for years so
And it does sort of that's a pretty lengthy lifespan for a bug right 4 years.
Well, they like we I had a couple of generations. They, they, how are they called Hermok Road diets where you know they don't need nail and female like?
9% are like this big number is just females that through produce themselves so at certain point they just laid eggs
And then the new batch hatch basically and they were growing and 1 year they just escaped the insectarium.
And yeah, when to live on their own. Yeah, my my son.
Is so into insects. We've been watching insects videos on YouTube like every day for the past few and so
I'm actually encouraged that you and entrepreneurs somebody is as you know ambitious with this design and create a background
First start it off with you know a hobby for for collecting and raising insects now I'm not so worried about my kid
It was actually I know I was thinking it gets a very convenient pet especially on this day and age where you have like all the millennials right so it's
Traveling all around, you know, for example, dog or cat requires a lot of attention. You need to
Get food there midday you cannot just live for a week for example and with insects you know you leave some leaves for them to to chew on
Some water and when you come back home, you still have something alive that don't so it gives you that warmth humic but that's it's requires much less maintenance. I
I completely agree with you I think he he hasn't asked for a dog yet but when he does I'm gonna count her with what about an insight
Right? Okay.
Ok take a sewer your educational background I know you got a design background did you know that you're gonna go into what kind of studies did you
You know, four see yourself when you were very young. Did you know at an early age, you were gonna go into design? Yes, so I grew up in a very artistic family. So,
My mother was sent to fashion design on my father's an architect.
So we know we were growing up we would go to galleries and stuff like that and I really felt a big fascination with the visual aesthetics visual design and
And it was on the natural in my teenage ears to join the art school.
And yeah it's it's it's sort of everything connected my good friend from good good neighbor friend was actually in
His father wasn't the computers so he built his own sinclair.
Computer and we start that programming so I was always responsible a little bit more and digital stuff and on the management it's the sort of dual naturally that after my art school
I've joined interactive design and been most like I mean that they just started a little bit longer.
Well I basically graduated this bachelor I would bachelor degree at interactive design and
And visuals and and design was always something that was passionate passionate about and to to to this day you know even though we're focusing more in technology but visual
Aspect this really a very very important to me and for the products that we're breaking
Are some Ed what was the biggest I guess you would say life changing decision that you made after your studies or even during your studies when you were close to graduation
Okay, that's a tough one. You know, honestly, I think rather than an I know it's not a good like
For content right because there was no one vic saying that she used
Accumulator and brought where I am right now.
Visions like couple of examples. Mm hmm. Yeah. So, instead of you know starting my job career with proper company, agents search.
Eh even when I was still studying I've started looking for freelance jobs so just like you know get some additional cash.
And one of the first projects I did was you know back when the CDs where the only way I would spoil computer games
3D arcade game and we signed a contract with
Where the distribution company that actually produced I think over it was
Maybe 2000 units 2000 pieces of these CDs and they were sold all longer and shopping centers
And you know, I brought actual cash to home and you know, this sixth 16 years old gets bringing like apples
1000 videos that have led by subways where we we adopted Europe.
And my parents oh maybe there's actually a business but there's you know computer stuff and songs that was even before I yeah yeah you know
At first year you're they were like Blake I just saw it on the computer playing video games all day but once you brought the cash out that kinda changes their opinion of what you were doing
That's very very cool. Exactly. Yeah. When did you know that you went to?
Just naturally happen. So, I've spent
Spent over 10 years working as a user experience designer you know designing all the soft work products games and so on.
And naturally I was sick to get the computer all day you know just my back like this.
It it my next started birthing and I said look you know I I need to find a way called how to solve this right and I gave my the I came across standing this
And it's like okay I need to get one but they really couldn't find anything that I really really liked from the Zion
I'm from technology perspective. So it's an assemble the team and we built them first prototype and they were
The feedback we got was overwhelming. We got coverage by New York Times, Wired Magazine.
And we're attracted some investments and to here we are now 8 years in the making so we we start like we call ourselves scale up more but
To any other road that had but yeah initially we'll start as a smart sit
It would you would you customers most customers get really really excited about your product like what is that one feature that they they have to have
Yeah it's it's freedom for them please you know right now there's a lot of conversations happening around hyper to work
And how do you schedule appointments at the office when you know when are you going back to the office are you working from home
You know, will you need a meeting room? So, with our solution, our customers can say when they're working from home, when they're working.
The office they can find when their colleagues are coming yet so they could you know plan and have that flexibility and ownership on when
And where where their most productive. So that's something that we see a people will get really excited because
To make that choice themselves rather than some manager telling you no you have to come Thursday Friday and sit there and beer
What are some resources that I've been helpful to you and your team and bringing tableware to the market
Wonderful team that we have and our cheer boulders that bring a lot of know how
A lot of experience from the market how best she products services
How to best transition yourself from marketing perspective right because one guy you know you would never do it you need to get the help from the outside
Of course it's very important to be able to choose which which help is actually helping you and guiding you to the right direction
So, I think, you know, from all the clothes, assistance we had, you know, podcasts like they are also wonderful.
Tool for people for entrepreneurs for anyone who want to improve here the stories of other people but
Where their journey and you know, you always pick something up out of those, out of those stories where you can leave Emma at the same position right now
And I like what this guy or girl did and so absolutely you know the online community forecasts bloggers
You know, I could mention some names but you know, process wouldn't say anything like guaranteed and
All those crazy guys out there hustling every day the the there's a conference here in Buchara
See his picture and a lot of different billboards right now. When you're out driving, what's your trajectory in terms of revenue for this year for for the company
Well, you know, we always hope to increase it as much as possible. This year, I'll be following it.
We were growing about 100% which is nice. I will see how next year will look.
But it turns out actual cash value you know we're not doing like chameleons so we're in the range of hundreds of thousands of euros
So there's still a lot of room to grow but it's been a pretty success.
If the champ continues you know we we're on third the number of customers so we we we don't disclose the number of customers we have but I can tell that during them
Monthly who can be at we book like our end user's book over 1 million an hour.
Okay and is there any question that you wish I had asked you? Maybe why do I have like a space? I would just like to ask you that
Yeah, yeah. It looks like really bad or even like a blue version of Saturday. Are you you?
Are you excited? Yeah. I love side fire just recently finished.
This actually the first Chinese author that by rep it's 16 new three body problem high highly recommend it
I think they even won the Google Awards which is Oscar's for side five books and obviously doing well what the one that he can do.
Yeah, I heard Dune just came out. So far, the reviews have been pretty good. Is that, is that something that interests you, dude? The movie dude? Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's it's, it's awesome. I've watched it and really, really, really, hey, I think it just hit theater. So, maybe I'm gonna try to check it out the next week or two. Yeah,
Well hey Lucas thank you so much for being on the show everybody listening this is Lucas Luco from table year in until next week look at
Lucas how do you say goodbye and lit the way in
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