April 13, 2022

Engaging with Remote Fans through UGC with Tom Vecsernyes from Seyu

Engaging with Remote Fans through UGC with Tom Vecsernyes from Seyu
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Hey ICL fans. Today we’re talking about user generated content and what you should do if you are launching an entirely new product or service into the market. There’s an exciting new technology called Seyu that allows sports clubs to help create fan generated content that can be moderated quickly and shared across social channels on a mass scale. And the best part, it gets more than 300% organic reach and engagement than content generated by the actual sports team.

So, in today’s episode, I’m joined with Tom Vechy, founder of Seyu. Tom’s career entailed working as a Marketing Director for FC Junior Sport before taking the leap to launch Seyuwhich allows fans around the world, through a moderated channel, to post their photos on to the LED boards and other screens in the stadiums on matchdays, and share them instantly on social media in branded frames. Pretty cool huh?

Tom and I discuss:

  • the challenges he believes sports clubs will face in the next 10 years
  • the hurdles he had to overcome since launching an entirely new product into the market
  • ways clubs are engaging with remote fans
  • ideas on how they can monetize the insights they are seeing from having their own 1stparty data

If you want to understand the power of user generated content and get tips on how to launch a completely new product or service, this episode is for you.


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Tom Vechy VecsernyesProfile Photo

Tom Vechy Vecsernyes


An energetic, driven entrepreneur and marketing specialist who is keen on creating new marketing and business opportunities combining and developing new IT solutions which could bring happiness into the lives of sport lovers and sport events organisers.

Founder of 'Seyu - Together for victory!' which is a technology solution for sports fans that enables them to motivate their favorite teams or athletes from anywhere in the world. The company uses partners’ existing IT infrastructure to allow fans around the world to post images to stadium LEDs and other digital surfaces during sports events through a moderated channel and then instantly share them on social media with media-branded frames. The service, which has been proven to be successful at more than 300 sports events, is one of the leading sports tech services in Hungary, and lovers of international sports are regularly able to enjoy its benefits as well.