Aug. 2, 2022

List of Startup Shows on YouTube

List of Startup Shows on YouTube


Working in a startup and want to learn from other entrepreneurs? Well look no further, here are seven established shows on YouTube focused on the startup scene. The list includes links to the show. If you're ready to pitch yourself as a guest, see this example on how to get yourself booked.


List of Startup Shows on YouTube


Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume interviews some of the most successful bootstrapped founders in his video podcast (among others, the CMO of Ahrefs and CEO of ConvertKit), as well as sharing his own knowledge from building a startup.


The Bootstrapped Founder

Arvid is a seasoned entrepreneur, writer, developer, and one of my favorite guests on the pod! He shares his knowledge, experiences, and journey with you on his show.

You'll learn how to start, run, grow, and sell Software-as-a-Service businesses — because that's what he has successfully done.


Mike Slaats

Mike is running a $20K MRR SaaS business and shares a lot of great knowledge from his journey. He is also the host of the SaaS Pirates Podcast.


Innovators Can Laugh

Yes, my own channel : )

This is what a conversation with a startup should sound like. The most innovative entrepreneurs from Europe share their entrepreneurial journey in a fun and casual way. You can listen to new episodes every Thursday.


Simon Høiberg

Simon is a Software Developer and Tech Entrepreneur.
He shares everything he knows and has learned about making money on the internet.


Noah Kagan

Noah is the CEO and founder of a multimillion-dollar company, and he's sharing a ton of great knowledge about online entrepreneurship and side hustles.



Caya, CEO & Co-founder of Slidebean, help startups present to investors. 

You could learn by watching their Company Forensics series where they talk about companies that failed like WeWork, Boosted Boards, Hertz, Juicero, Skype, Motorola, among others, and also some success stories like Zoom, Spotify, SpaceX, Tesla Motors, among others.


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