Aug. 8, 2022

7 Cool European Startup Podcasts (and how to pitch)

7 Cool European Startup Podcasts (and how to pitch)


Podcasts can be one of your company's growth lever to drive potential customers and more traffic to your website.

Most podcast booking agencies will charge $250-$500 per podcast booking. So instead of spending that kind of money, here is how you can get booked on these 7 Cool European Startup Podcasts.

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Step 1: Get started on Listen Notes

Listen Notes is a large database of podcasts that give you contact emails for 90% of podcasts. In addition, they have a ranking system that shows you if a podcast is in the top 25%, top 10%, or top 5%. This is helpful as it gives you an idea of where to spend your time. Tip: use filters to only look at podcasts still actively producing episodes!

Listen Notes charges a daily fee of $11 and it auto cancels after one day unless you want to add more days. When you search for a topic like "Startups", the bar on the right-hand side that says Super Search: Off is where you want to click to get your Premium Membership started.

Of course, you can try using Apple Podcasts and LinkedIn to get email addresses, but that is time-intensive and can be hit or miss.


Step 2: Select your topics


There are plenty of Startup Founders out there so to get featured on a podcast, you want to position why you're a valuable expert or why your story is interesting. Think about what topics make sense for you and write them out. Once you have your topics and podcasts list, do the following:

- make sure the podcast host takes guests

- make sure from the description and from listening to a minimum of a few minutes of an episode that this podcast is a good fit for your background

- make sure the last episode wasn't released more than 1 month ago


Step 3: The Pitch

The important part, how to pitch!

Here is a good subject line: Possible Podcast Guest - [Name of Podcast]

Body of email:

I love the show! I really liked the episode with your former guest [name of guest] who shares many of the same ideas around the value of [subject].

I work for [name of company], that has [some highlight]. Our mission it to [your mission].

If you think topics around [topic A and topic B or topic C], sounds interesting, I would love to come on the show.

Look forward to hearing from you,



These are the key steps to getting featured, and amplifying your brand's mission. If you're interested in getting on podcasts that feature European Startups, here are seven that you may want to check out.


7 Cool European Startup Podcasts

  1. This Much I Know – The Seedcamp Podcast

    Host: Carlos Espinal @cee

    Listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

    Where to pitch yourself as a guest:

  2. The European Startup Show

Hosts: Anita Moorthy (@anitamoorthy)

Listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Where to pitch yourself as a guest:


3. Innovators Can Laugh (my show 😀)

Host: Eric Melchor (Marketing Geek at tech startup, Texas expat living in Romania)

Listen: Apple, Spotify

Where to pitch yourself as a guest: Record yourself singing an Ariana Grande song to a stranger and send it to Eric. Or, just message him on Twitter or LinkedIn and say you'd like to be on the show 😃

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4. EU-Startups Podcast

Host: Thomas Ohr

Listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Where to pitch yourself:?

5. The Recursive Podcast

Hosts: Irina Obushtarova, @irinissima_

Listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube

Where to pitch yourself as a guest:

6. Soaked by Sluch podcast

Host:Mikko Mantyla @mantyla_mikko

Listen: Spotify

Where to pitch yourself as a guest:

7. Startups Magazine: The Cereal Entrepreneur

Host: Anna Flockett

Listen: Apple Podcast, Spotify

Where to pitch yourself as a guest: ?