Feb. 23, 2022

The open data platform helping companies manage risks

The open data platform helping companies manage risks

Dr. Gerda Jurkonienė has been actively involved in the establishment of the Credit Bureau in Lithuania and development of data infrastructure to help businesses better understand the behavior of their customers. Now she has co-created an open data platform that integrates open data, credit bureau functionalities as well as credit scores and insights, thus enabling companies to increase sales and manage risks.

Dr. Gerda is also an accounting and financial analysis lecturer at Vilnius University.

Show highlights:
-       1:43 - about Dr. Jurkoniene
-       3:12 – a favorite place Gerda would like to live
-       4:57 – the most random class Gerda has ever taken
-       5:55 – Gerda’s tip for wealth and happiness
-       6:30 – the celebrity Gerda would set her phone’s wallpaper to
******Play #Innovators with Laugh with Tadas Cekavicius****
-       10:00 - What is a favorite song that Tadas can listen to over and over again?
-       11:10 - What is a crazy thing Tadas did to earn or save money?
-       12:45 - What is a food that Tadas dislikes?
-       13:36 - What did Tadas consider was rich when he was growing up?
-       14:58 – Gerda’s first job
-       17:40 – Struggles Gerda faced early in her career
-       19:00 – why she took on a role as a Teacher
-       20:20 – Gerda’s favorite subject she enjoys teaching
-       21:17 – the moment she wanted to launch Okredo
-       22:15 – what customers get excited about when they learn about Okredo
-       23:55 – number of clients and revenue forecast
-       24:30 – biggest struggle to overcome since launching