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Great content

Great content and authentic information to help all businesses. The information is valid, appllicable and overwhelmingly fun to listen to.

Awesome podcast 👍

This was my first podcast to actually listen too, the host has such a natural talent when interviewing his guest , I caught myself laughing 😂 along with him and the guest , not to mention the information the guest shared about his marketing experience 🙌#10

So many good episodes

I LOVE this podcast. I learn so much about startups and business. Eric is an amazing host and he chooses the best guests. I’m glad I came across this podcast!

Time is the most precious resource

I really enjoyed the episode with Julija Jegorova where she shares her journey navigating the PR world, talks about the importance of family, and has a great sense of humour. When her and Eric talk about time being the most precious resource, it resonated with me.

Great insight into how innovators get started/keep going

Love the way Eric is going about finding fresh faces of Eastern European entrepreneurship & innovation! This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to understand how winding the path to successful innovation can be, and especially for young people who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship and feel they don’t have a lot of support or a clear roadmap. The cultural aspect is relevant but the content is universally viable.

Julija Jegorova

This podcast was touching and inspiring. Julija touched my heart when she talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Often times we all struggle with it but are too afraid to talk about it or we don’t know how to deal with it. It helps to hear that we are not alone. I also remember losing my grandmother and not being able to take time off from work and I basically didn’t go back to work for a week without pay to be with my family. It’s true you never get that time back. I can’t wait to listen to Eric’s next podcast and to hear him laughing as he has a conversation with his interviewees.

One of my favorite podcasts!

What a breath of fresh air! I really enjoy the host, Eric, and his engaging manner as he talks with fascinating guests. I’ve learned a great deal from each episode and look forward to many more!