Podcast Game

Innovators Can Laugh Podcast Game

What is the Innovators Can Laugh interactive podcast game?

A fun game where anyone can enjoy guessing the correct answer to a question that host Eric Melchor asked a guest during an Innovators Can Laugh interview.

How can you play?

Anyone can play by following the hashtag #InnovatorsCanLaugh or Eric on Twitter. Every Wednesday (the day before each new episode is released), Eric shares a question on Twitter that he asked this week's guest. The questions are generally quirky and interesting like the one above.

Generally four choices are provided, A-D, and participants can guess the right answer. The correct answer is shared on Thursday when the episode is released.

Do you get any rewards for participating?

Every time a player guesses a correct answer, they are awarded ten points. At the end of each season, the winner will receive an unknown prize. More points may be given in the final three shows of each season (like double Jeopardy).

Current players standing in season 3:

Player Points
@TaniaDiscovered 10
@Oleg_the_koleg 10
@cjaythecreator 10
@rosscranwell 10
@PeterKSimeonov 10
@leo_guinan 10
@AlessandraCo 10
29 players 0