May 11, 2023

Meet Pago, the best way to pay your bills in Romania and, soon, the rest of Europe.

Meet Pago, the best way to pay your bills in Romania and, soon, the rest of Europe.
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Adrian Cighi started his career in the financial field having worked in Great Britain, and for companies such as Banca Transylvania and Goldman Sachs. He then co-founded  Pago which is an application that automates payments to suppliers. They have close to 400k active users and are projected to do 3 million Euro in operating revenue in 2023.

In this conversation, Adrian shares how partnerships were essential in growing Pago. By solving a problem for bigger, more established companies like Banca Transilvania, Mastercard and Visa, this helped get them off the ground and grow.  We also dive into the ‘blameless’ culture he is trying to instill at the company where mistakes are treated as learning opportunities, without resentment or regret.



Pago’s website:

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