Dec. 1, 2021

Ligence - The AI solution that is making cardiac ultrasound more accessible with Lithuanian co-founder Dovydas Matuliauskas

Dovydas Matuliauskas was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He's a 6th year medical student and a co-founder of Ligence, a medical device startup company. He is also an ultrasound lecturer and has won numerous startup competitions. With a strong numerical background, Mr Matuliauskas is responsible for the financial part of the project.

Aside from his interest in medical imaging, radiomics and radiology, he does weightlifting and wakeboarding.

Dovydas Matuliauskas was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He's a 6th year medical student and a co-founder of Ligence, a medical device startup company. He is also an ultrasound lecturer and has won numerous startup competitions. With a strong numerical background, Mr Matuliauskas is responsible for the financial part of the project.

Aside from his interest in medical imaging, radiomics and radiology, he does weightlifting and wakeboarding. 

-      0:55 – favorite tv show that Dovydas can watch again and again

-      1:55 – the food that Dovydas finds disgusting

-      3:00 – the zombie apocalypse is coming, the people  Dovydas  wants on his team

-      3:55 – what Dovydas wanted to be as a kid

-      5:23 – what customers get excited about Ligence

-      6:12 – customers who are trialing Ligence

-      7:30 – most valuable lesson Dovydas has learned so far since launching his startup

-      8:04 – what people would be surprised to know about Dovydas

-      8:48 – the challenge in life that has taken Dovydas out of his comfort zone


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 Dovydas Matuliauskas who is on the board member of the lithuanian ultrasound association and is the co-founder of Ligence
 In medical AI solution that is making cardiac ultrasound more accessible cheaper and less human reliant
 Davidez welcome to the show how you doing today thank you very much I'm doing fine thank you for having me on your on your show absolutely absolutely I like to get started
 With asking a few questions that kinda reveal your personality a little bit so the first question I'm going to ask
 Is what's one of your favorite TV shows or movies that you can watch again and again. You never get tired. Basically, the answer is definitely the office.
 The US version of the office sports I think is the second time I started watching the just like couple of weeks ago and I really I really like it
 Yeah I watch them every hour this season so
 Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's like a ritual every holiday season. How long of this week? Yeah.
 Yeah, and who doesn't love the office? Who's like your favorite character in that show? I'd say it's either wiping your gym.
 I'm not sure which phone keeps the way they interact with other people so I think these two. Yeah. I would bet more memes come from that show than any other show
 Hey Facebook find that show.
 Okay. Alright, next question.
 What is a food that your parents try to make you eat when you were younger but you found it disgusting
 Who is that food diabetes? Oh my god. If you have never been, I mean, to
 Describe it describe it for us. During holiday season, you know, in Christmas eve, it's
 It doesn't have a word in English. It's basically a food that is made out of animal cartilage.
 Has that joey structure and it keeps me haunted this day. I still I still have never tried it.
 I'm refusing to do it in the future. I mean, you know what? Romania, it's like this jelly and it's
 The jelly you can see bones. And yeah.
 Yeah, yeah, yeah. I I've never had it and I'm so thankful that my in laws don't make it because if they did make it, I would feel just
 You know, I would have to eat it out of respect, right? You know, but I'm so happy that I'll make it. Yeah. Okay. Another question for you, let's say the zombie.
 Apocalypse is coming who would you want on your team that's
 I mean so I don't know my clothes are shining this maybe my family
 My girlfriends. Yeah, I think it would work. Family and girlfriends, am I good for you? Yeah. Me and Michael just close people right now. I think
 Yeah, yeah. Those those are the people I want my team. Okay, okay. I used to be a big fan of the show. I got three season six and the
 And then I stopped and I think this is the last season if I'm correct, right?
 So, yeah, meeting a lot. I know. And I I would have a lot of catching up to do if I go back and start watching it. Now, let's go back, let's go back to your childhood. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
 I think I wanted to be a police officer. Yeah. And
 A bit later I wanted to help my own hotel and and run my own hotel but then I think I was in South Beach when I decided the game went to become a doctor and
 And that it has never changed but now I'm doing business and in in in health care yeah but yeah it's still training to be a doctor in the
 We'll see how it goes. Okay, let's talk more about that. You're a doctor but you're you've also done some courses like at the Harvard
 Business school related to finance and economics. You know, which do you find more passionate? I mean, is it still medicine?
 Or are you also really fascinated with the finance? I mean, there's so many things that have never
 There's so many things to do. A lot of scientific potential.
 Nevertheless I find really benefiting in the when you can merge those fields you can see how those different fields can you know have a
 Have synergies between them in some areas so you can actually start understanding the economics of healthcare and stuff like that
 Understand how the finance work
 So listen at G's really great and I think I've only benefited from doing those courses. Okay.
 Okay tell us a little bit about Legends I mean what is it about the solution that customers really get excited about
 Exhibition of the automation. I mean currently cardiologists and some things a snagger first. It made a lot of manual measurements. Measurements when when doing the echo procedure
 And so that's that's really important. I've tried doing it myself. So, it's it's really hard.
 Thing to do I mean it's very hard thing to master and up to this day we see that not many cardiology are actually very good at it so they really get excited about it
 Because the softer that we create actually makes more measurement than they do in their clinical practice and so we're really excited about it
 And they're really excited about the accuracy and the I mean just gives their life easier. Yep. And how many
 How many customers or how many companies are hospitals are currently trialing legends right now?
 In another in the Netherlands Norway some partnerships going on currently in Germany and
 Our first customers are hospitals from the 3 AM immediately so follow clinics
 Once one instance working there a publicer hospital and the ones in in the university hospital currently doing it. Okay.
 Okay. You're also a lecture about ultrasound. Which means that you can talk in front of large groups of people
 About this subject? Do you ever get nervous? I mean, you know, speaking in front of large groups is one of those things that people fear, a lot of people fear, and what about you? Do you get stage fried at all?
 To be honest stop the time you go on the stage you always have that trail I mean near your your neighborhood to to relax so but though with time it's
 It gets more casual. I mean you start.
 Giving the audience he started getting more comfortable so now I feel really great fucking it's round of the audience but in the first
 First street drives yeah I had a lot of you know heartbeats but you get better every time
 Alright, since launching legends, what's the most valuable lesson that you've learned so far? But the university's not teach you that much.
 As actually working somewhere and doing some work something I mean
 Working with the project since you just much more than university will ever do and you actually get the best those skills in real and real life and yeah I mean you should never just be bounded by your university walls
 Because there's a life out there that you need to experience. Okay,
 Okay and what's something that people would be surprised to know about you?
 I need some people figured they were very you know very angry person I mean someone who's
 Really hard to talk to but my appearance on the outside but the inside really chill I really like something to be for 1 day
 I'm a really nice person. I think was yeah, I think once people know that you're a big fan of the office. Yeah.
 I mean, that's a connection right there because it means you like to love. You know, that's right. Yeah, you don't take life seriously especially when it comes to work.
 Because you know that's how some people behave and act. Yeah. Okay, last question for you, David. What challenge in your life has shaped you the most?
 I don't mean, no, that's a question. I think. It's when you have to
 Are present to make you know spreadsheets to those extensive financial spreadsheets without having an education for it.
 Put that any formal education so I think it was the case with legends when I just found myself that you know I have
 An investor meeting and I have to make these spreadsheets with show something and without any former education was like going through a dark port
 Researching everything everywhere on the internet but somehow it worked so I'm really happy for it but it actually pushed me away from my comfort zone
 And yeah, that that's the experience. Yeah, yeah, and there's a great experiences anytime you either comfort zone just means you're growing.
 Which I love, which I love. Okay, David, thank you so much for being with being on the show today, and for everybody listening.
 Stay tuned for next week where we will interview another fascinating entrepreneur coming out of Litthenia. How do you say goodbye? David.
 Okay, what he said? Alright, cheers everyone. Bye.
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Dovydas Matuliauskas

Business development manager

My name is Dovydas. I was born, grew up and live in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am a 6th year medical student and a co-founder of Ligence, a medical device startup company. Aside from my interest in medical imaging, radiomics and radiology I do weightlifting and wakeboarding. I do like reading books that can teach me new skills. The last one I read was The Mom Test by R. Fitzpatrick.