Jan. 19, 2022

Inspecting Power Grids with LiDAR and Drone Technology

Inspecting Power Grids with LiDAR and Drone Technology

In this episode I chat with Mantas Vaskela, CEO of Aispeco which is an innovative mapping technology provider whose products can be used in aerial, mobile or stationary modes and combines LiDAR and Hyperspectral capability. Focusing on multi sensor fusion, Aispeco delivers products in aerial topography, mobile mapping and fixed mounted lidar platforms.

In our chat we discuss what Mantas experience was like starting Laserpas in 2015 which was short listed as the most interesting startup in Asian Utility Week, European Utility Week, and had won the national Climate Launchpad competition in 2015, what he has learned being CEO of two different companies, and of course some fun stuff like an unusual object Mantas has inside his house.

Episode Highlights:

1:30 – the crazy pizza Mantas ate in
2:40 – an unusual object inside Mantas’ house
4:20 – a tv show that he can watch again and again
7:14 – Mantas’ journey and curiosity about innovation
10:13 – the moment Mantas’ realized the potential for aerial mapping innovation
14:18 – what customers really get excited about when they discover Aispeco
15:30 – drone vs helicopter
16:35 – can Mantas fly a helicopter?
18:02 – most valuable lesson have learned so far from being the CEO of two companies
20:00 – favorite thing about being a CEO
23:15 – book recommendations