March 30, 2023

Helping startups reduce their time to hire by 87%: How Freya Sense is Revolutionizing Startup Recruitment

Helping startups reduce their time to hire by 87%: How Freya Sense is Revolutionizing Startup Recruitment
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Florin Lazar is the Chief Operating Officer of Freya Sense - a startup that helps other startups reduce their time to hire by 87% and look for the qualities and personality traits they should be looking for when hiring.

In this chat, we discuss:

- the importance of personality in job performance and how to quantify it 

- how they were able to push their product to market quickly this year

- if he would rather have $25,000 in cash or have dinner with Gary Vee

- the book that had the biggest impression on him that can be applicable to both business and playing tennis

- why he recommends standing out with job ads and communication that tell a story about the startup

- how they have gained traction through partnerships with accelerators and VC funds




Freya Sense website:

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