March 16, 2022

Bringing the aging population back into the workforce – in a meaningful way

Bringing the aging population back into the workforce – in a meaningful way

Retirement can be a scary thing. Without a sense of purpose, no real daily duties to attend to, and perhaps feeling unwanted, depression can sink in along with a host of other mental and health problems.

Irma (Irma) Lukoseviciene is looking to change that. Her platform, Gen4Gen, (currently in Beta), is a consumer-to-consumer 2-sides digital marketplace that matches supply and demand for all manner of services that Seniors can participate in. Ranging from basic household support to remote higher-end services. Based upon user profiling, Gen4Gen uses a machine learning recommendation engine to best match task providers to the demand side of the economy.

Join me in this wonderful conversation with Irma as she shares why she created Gen4Gen and the hurdles she’s facing to bring it life.

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Irma LukosevicieneProfile Photo

Irma Lukoseviciene


Over the past 15 years, I held a variety of Managerial positions in the Service‘s sector. This ranges from the Fitness industry through to Funeral business. I am an Experienced Customer Service, Sales, Operational' s Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry.
Recently I am the Founder of startup called Gen4Gen. We assist seniors with their daily tasks and companionship integrating students as service providers. We connect generations as the AgeTech industry is booming now.
I love kyokushin karate, riding horses and my "fetish" is reading medical drug prescriptions. And yes, I have a super power - I am an amazing networker.