May 26, 2023

Startup Newsletter - Have a clear goal beyond creating a company you like with Maxim Rotaru

European Startup Newsletter - Innovators Can Laugh

In this latest episode, I chat with Maxim Rotaru, founder of a digital product studio Webamboos. Maxim shares insights on how he landed his first client, how he hired his first employee (funny interview process), and a mistake he made early on - not having a clear goal beyond creating a company he liked.

We also dive into his approach for guiding clients through the entire process of product development strategy. If you're looking to develop a tech product or start a company, this interview offers some great lessons on building a strong foundation. Check it out!

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A time capsule for my kids

Last week my son turned 6 which meant I sent him an email.

One that he will read in the future.

It’s like a time capsule.

I am letting him know:

-      What toys he enjoys playing with

-      Hobbies he enjoys (he likes his robotics class)

-      Accomplishments this year (he can now ride a bike)

-      Songs he loves to sing (enough already with Gangam style)

-      Share pics of him this year and some of the places we visited

And that I love being his dad 💙

I think it’s cool getting a note from your dad that he wrote to you several years ago.


Me and James this past Saturday at Opera Comica.


Some phrases about the boastful, from different countries:

  • He thinks he's the last biscuit in the bag (Brazil)

  • He thinks he's the last suck on the mango (Mexico) 🥭

  • He thinks he's the Pope's head mustard-maker (France)

  • He thinks he's the cheese, but he's only the stink (Scotland) 🧀

  • If you've been to Tenerife, he's been to Elevenerife (Ireland)

Fun Links


Fun: Space Elevator​ Scrolling up will take you on a trip to Space while exploring the atmosphere and its many layers, past high-dwelling animals and cruising altitude for aircrafts and different types of clouds. Fun seeing this alone or with kids!

☠️ 5 Every Day Deadly Habits That Are Making You Age Faster (I think many of us are guilty of #4)

📜 Twitter posting cheat sheet(can also use it for LinkedIn for post ideas)

Where do ideas come from? You can always find something to be inspired by. (video)

Upcoming Episode


Get ready to laugh! Next week, my conversation with the one and only Valentin Radu, founder of Omniconvert drops.

The End


Last weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday. On Saturday, we went to Opera Comica which hosts various plays for kids. A friend of mine said that he tools his kids to see Erus and the Valley of Gratitude and they really enjoyed it. So, Melchor team went and although I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying, the set, costumes, and stages were amazing. Highly recommend if you have kids and are in Bucharest. 

And bonus, next to the theater, there were activities for kids like a train, trampoline, and mini adventure park with food ‘trucks’ to go along. We spent another hour there with the kids after the play so it turned out to be a great Saturday!

Tonight I am hosting a cocktail party in Sofia 🥳. If you know someone here that you think would like to attend, reply asap with their name and email or LinkedIn profile and I’ll send them the details. 

Thanks for reading today!

Eric M.

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