April 7, 2023

From Manager to Entrepreneur: How One Sales Guy Found His Calling in Communication and Relationship Building

From Manager to Entrepreneur: How One Sales Guy Found His Calling in Communication and Relationship Building

Entrepreneurs are always looking for inspiration to start their own business, but it can be challenging to find that unique idea that can change their life. However, sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected places, and as entrepreneurs, it is essential to seize those opportunities when they arise. In this blog post, we will discuss how a Bulgarian entrepreneur found his passion while working as a manager at a furniture company and how an MBA program in the United States helped him start his own business.

During his time as a manager at a furniture company, the entrepreneur discovered that his strength was his ability to communicate effectively with his team. He also realized that he wanted more than just a well-paid job; he wanted to develop and strategize new ideas that would make a difference. As a result, he began to work on various side projects to fulfill his desire for more. In 2013, he applied for an MBA program called the Summer Entrepreneurship Program, which targeted Bulgarian students. He was selected, along with 30 other people, to participate in the program in the United States.

The entrepreneur describes the MBA program as a life-changing experience. During the program, he and his fellow participants had the opportunity to meet with executives and founders of companies like Dropbox, Google, and UC Berkeley, among others. They were also divided into teams and tasked with developing a business idea, including business models and financial analyses. The teams then presented their ideas to venture capitalists in Palo Alto, California. The program was the entrepreneur's first experience with venture capital, and he was hooked.

Upon returning to Bulgaria, the entrepreneur decided to start his own business. He joined forces with two co-founders he had met during the MBA program and started working on their business idea. They created a platform for booking and managing meeting spaces, called "Square Form." The idea was inspired by the entrepreneur's experience of struggling to find affordable meeting space for his side projects. The platform was a success, and it quickly gained popularity in Bulgaria and beyond.

The entrepreneur's story highlights the importance of taking advantage of unexpected opportunities, like the MBA program, to discover new passions and ideas. As entrepreneurs, it is crucial to be open-minded and willing to explore new ventures, even if they are outside of our comfort zone. It is also essential to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who can support and challenge us.

The entrepreneur's story also emphasizes the role that effective communication plays in business. As a manager at the furniture company, the entrepreneur's strength was his ability to communicate effectively with his team. This skill has undoubtedly played a vital role in his success as an entrepreneur, as effective communication is critical in building relationships with customers, employees, and investors.

In conclusion, the entrepreneur's story is a reminder that inspiration can come from unexpected places, and it is up to us as entrepreneurs to seize those opportunities. The MBA program in the United States helped the entrepreneur discover his passion and start his own successful business. The program also taught him the importance of effective communication in business and the value of surrounding himself with like-minded individuals. As entrepreneurs, we must be open-minded, willing to explore new ventures, and have excellent communication skills to succeed in today's competitive market.

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