May 6, 2023

European Startup Newsletter: How Romanian MedTech startup Medicai is helping doctors treat Cancer patients

European Startup Newsletter - Innovators Can Laugh

A while back, I stumbled onto a story on TechCrunch that caught my attention - an innovative medical startup from Romania, helped doctors from three countries collaborate to treat Ukraine refugee cancer patients – this of course happening after Russian’s invasion of Ukraine. That startup was Medicai.

Mircea Popa is the founder of Medicai which is a collaborative imaging platform that enables better sharing and communication between patients, doctors and clinics. They currently have 120 customers and are projected to do 1.5M in revenue for 2023. Prior to Medicai, Mircea and a friend co-founded SkinVision, a skin cancer screening app that detects melanoma from images taken on a smartphone.

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Cocktails & Relationship Building

Hosting any kind of party can be stressful.

But very valuable if you do it.

(Especially if you’re hosting a cocktail networking party) 🥳

Part II of how to throw a kickass cocktail party covers who to invite and sending the invite. See the post here.

: )

Upcoming Episode

Meet Pago, the best way to pay your bills in Romania and, soon, the rest of Europe.


Some Fav Quotes


➡️ “A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.”

➡️ “You can practice eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

Michael Jordan

The End


When people ask, “why did you move to Romania?”, the first thing that comes to mind is how safe it is. In fact, it’s so safe that 5 of Romania’s largest cities make the top 100 cities safest list. Here they are in terms of rank

-      Cluj (23rd)

-      Timisoara (30th)

-      Brasov (54th)

-      Bucharest (67th) 🏠

-      Iasi (88th)

As an American who regularly saw murders, robbings, and news about shootings on the news on a daily basis (in fact just this past week a man near my hometown killed 5 people because they asked him to stop shooting his gun in his front yard), I’m happy that were in a place that doesn’t have this kind of violence. 

On a lighter note, my son started soccer for the first time at BFS soccer club and liked it, my daughter and I enjoyed some of the best ice cream in Bucharest (it just happens to be one block over from where we live which is not good for my waist line), and we had a good time with Alex Anghel and his partner who happens to own Tort de Bezea - one of the best bakeries in the Buch 😊


Have a wonderful weekend!

Eric M.

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