May 6, 2023

European Startup Newsletter - How Romanian Startup Kinderpedia is Revolutionizing Parent-Teacher Communication

European Startup Newsletter - Innovators Can Laugh

If you are interested in discovering how an EdTech startup is changing the way parents are involved in their child's education (and want to have some good laughs), this is the episode for you.

In this episode, I chat with Evelina Nicola, the co-founder of Kinderpedia, about how to overcome challenges in building a successful startup, and from funding to convincing people of the value of your product.

You will also gain insights into the future of education and technology, including the integration of platforms such as Zoom and Stripe with Kinderpedia, and also hear more about her experiences in education, entrepreneurship, as well as her personal definition of wealth and life accomplishments.

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🤗 Cocktails & Relationship Building 


A secret weapon to make your cocktail parties more exciting?

Guest bios.

4 days before your cocktail party, send an email to all your attendees and include a shout out to half of the people going.

For example, if someone like me was going to the party, I would say:

Eric hosts a podcast, he’s obsessed with interviewing European startup founders and getting them to laugh. Ask him about his podcast. 🤩

When you give people these little conversational talking points, it gives them:

- an idea of who is coming to the party

-      info on what they’re good at

-      ideas on what you can talk about with that person

Another example if ‘Mary’ was coming to the cocktail party…

"As a fun hobby, Mary loves being an MC at weddings and likes to drink herbal tea. Ask her about what makes for a fun wedding."

Guest bios give shy people and introverts (and everyone else) ideas and excitement about who is attending. 👍

Funny Cartoon


Funny Clip


Me trying to speak Bulgarian with Zhasmina Gevezieva. See clip.

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Some Fav Quotes


➡️ “Laughter is sunshine, it chases winter from the human face.”

➡️ “It is a charming quality of the happiness we inspire in others that, far from being diminished like a reflection, it comes back to us enhanced.”

  • Victor Hugo

The End


Last Saturday we took the kids to ride ponies for the first time at Regatul Cailor(Kingdom of the Horses). At first they were hesitant to do it (because they saw the big horses). But once they saw the little pony, they were excited to give it a shot.

This week I am experiencing winter all over again in Debrecen, Hungary. I’m visiting with the OptiMonk team and it’s freezing cold here as I write this!

During our team outings, I discovered that I suck at ax throwing, I prefer the goulash I get in Bucharest (here it’s not as thick), and we’ve got some really good foosball players on the team.

Excited to get back to the Buch and pack for our road trip to Cluj next week!

Have a great week!
Eric M.

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