May 6, 2023

European Startup Newsletter - Building community-owned tech products on the Multiverse X Blockchain

European Startup Newsletter - Innovators Can Laugh

On this week’s episode of Innovators Can Laugh, I was excited to sit down with Giants Villagefounder Andrei Stoica. The platform is a community-owned tech product with a real-world utility that started with a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles, known as NFTs, on the Multiverse X blockchain. The project currently has 1,400 holders and aims to raise an additional €500k in 2023 by selling tokens and NFTs to the community.

Andrei is also the co-founder of Stoica Agency which helps B2B companies drive revenue online with conversion-driven websites. Andrei’s approach of making friends and delivering a good service has been helpful in driving steady growth for the agency. From there, he started a project with the idea of a metaverse and gradually built a community of people interested in NFTs and investing.

Side note, he and his family have become good friends of ours. See, told you he was good at making friends : )

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Cocktails & Relationship Building 


We all love meeting new and interesting people. As an extrovert, I have no problem reaching out and starting a conversation with someone. But it wasn’t until 10 months ago that I discovered the power of hosting a cocktail party. Since then, I’ve hosted 5 of them and all my guests have loved them (or so they tell me ☺️)

“Thank you for the memories you created last night. Somehow you managed to create a group of people with so many common interests and yet unique personalities.I left the room with a strong feeling that these kinds of gatherings add a small brick to every participant’s self-development also creating the foundation of a community of smart working people driven by authenticity and sustainability.”

“The networking event was really great. What I appreciated were the 2 ice breakers, which gave me an overview of who was in the room and who I'd be interested in talking to, as well as the all-round mix of different people. And of course, the wine made sure everybody was openly sharing.”

“Thanks a lot for having me, it was an evening to remember! Super casual, got to meet innovators in the tech space, and managed to build connections at a personal level.” 

I am hosting another one on May 18th and sharing my process over the next few weeks on LinkedIn. If you are interested in hosting one of your own, you may find these postshelpful.

Have been there…


Some fun links


How cool would it be to see this one day?

A ChatGPT Chrome plugin that has curated templates for Sales, Support, and Marketing.

🎷 I put this on sometimes when I’m focusing on work and want to hear chill music.

🧪 Best science project ever.

Want more laughs?


My conversation with Irina Obushtarova from The Recursive is one of my funniest interviews in recent memories. Not only will you learn about her entrepreneurial journey, but you’ll hear about her crazy experience launching her first startup in Vienna! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, other player, or YouTube.

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The End

This has been an exhausting week as I’ve conducted multiple discovery calls and presentations with DTC brands and various experts across the globe for Ecommerce Revolution. We also launched the new Art of Personalization podcast at OptiMonk which allows me to bring my style of podcasting to the world of Ecommerce/CRO/CLTV. One of the episodes we’re rolling out soon is with Omniconvert founder Valentin Radu which was absolutely hilarious!

Today things slow down a bit as I get to take the kids to a birthday part that Raluca Jianu, co-founder of Epic Visits is having for her daugther. Yea, there won’t be any cocktails but at least there will be pizza and cake!

Have a great weekend!

Eric M.

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