Nov. 3, 2022

5 European Startups ready to Reduce Carbon Emissions

5 Planet Friendly Startups coming out of Europe



Global warming is advancing rapidly. And at times it can feel a little scary.

Year by year I'm surprised at how much warmer it's getting. (like 25' celicus in November here in Bucharest)

But there is hope.

Here are 5 innovative European startups using blockchain and other smart methods to reduce carbon emissions:


Foodobox is helping restaurants reduce food waste by selling surplus through the Foodobox mobile app. Jane Dimitrova, is the Bulgarian co-founder.


Dipli is on a Mission To Be The Global Leader in the Refurbished Market for Tech Products. Reynold Simonnet is the founder from France.



FlyWallet combines financial services, data-driven insights, and travel APIs to help people afford global travel and reduce carbon emissions. Alejandra Fernandez is the co-founder.



Escreo allows you to transform any surface into Carbon neutral white board paints. Yasen Rusev is the co-founder.


La'mon is a biodegradable and suitable for composting laminating film and packaging foil. Angela Ivanova is the co-founder from Bulgaria.